Build Clean – New Build House in Coventry 2019

Here at WCS we have been cleaning new build houses across Coventry through a variety of construction companies.

Each house has three cleans. The initial clean is a build clean, we have to clean everything in sight. This includes cleaning up all the dust that has been accumulated during the build, removing any excess paint from window frames, tiles, sockets and taking off any protective film or stickers.

The second clean is a reclean. Once the house has been snagged and more work is done, we carry out the reclean.

Finally, we do a sparkle clean. This is our time to make sure everything is perfect ready for the new home owners.

Below are some before and after photos of a build clean. It was a very large house, three bathrooms and four bedrooms. The cleaners had their work cut out!

Once again, the cleaners did an amazing job and the customer was very happy with the end result!