Building Sites – Cabin Cleaning

Here at WCS, we offer a variety of commercial cleaning. Many of our contracts are offices or factories but we do offer our service on building sites.

Building sites do get very dirty, and with not much free time to clean themselves a lot of contractors are now using businesses, like ourselves, to do the cleaning.

The cleaning does vary on each site, some only have once a week, some twice. But as the site expands, so does the cleaning aspect!

Most building sites will have a few cabins, depending on the size of the site. They tend to consist of; canteen, toilets, drying room and a site office.

We currently do cabin cleans on two sites and are really keen to start some more. If this is something you would be interested in, please call for a quote on 02476694700

This type of clean is tough, as you can imagine! The cleaners work really hard to get the cabins up to scratch. Check out our before and after photos below…