CEX – Coventry – December 2019

CeX is a well known company founded in 1992 with stores all over the country. They buy, sell and exchange a range of technology and entertainment products.

The store, here in Coventry, where WCS is based was in need of  a deep clean of the floors. After being open for a number of years, the floors had become incredibly filthy! CeX called us in to try and bring them back to life!

Here at WCS we have some very experienced cleaners who are very good with the floor buffing machine! The buffing machine is an electrical scrubber that we use to clean and maintain most non-carpeted floors so it was perfect for the vinyl floor on this job. This could have been an easier job but the store was actually still open for part of this clean. It was split across three floors and included cleaning staircases. The cleaners worked tirelessly in to the night to try and restore the floor as best as they could! Once it was all buffed the floor was sealed which protects the floor making it easier to keep clean.

There was definitely a visible difference in the floor but they will need to do this more regularly to maintain it.

The staff at CeX were really happy with how the floor looked and so were we!