Dilapidation Clean Part 1 – Internal Walls – Banbury 2019

This year, we have taken on a large dilapidation clean in Banbury.

The clean is split in to six parts. The first job was to clean all internal walls of the warehouse. Then all exterior cladding, doors and windows must be cleaned. We will then be cleaning the warehouse floor using an industrial floor scrubbing machine. All high level areas must also be cleaned. All outside areas are to be jet washed. The final part of the job will be to build clean, then sparkle, the office side of the warehouse.

The customer had asked for all internal warehouse walls to be cleaned which included getting rid of any old paint, burn marks or unsightly blemishes that have built up over the years. This was a tough job but within a few days, some very specialist equipment and chemicals, all internal walls were back to normal!

Another job well done and another happy customer!

Check out the results below and make sure to keep a look out for Part 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6!