Dilapidation Clean Part 6 – Internal Cleaning – Banbury 2019

The sixth and final part of our dilapidation clean in Banbury was the internal cleaning. This is possibly our favourite part of the clean! Our cleaners can really work their magic to make it go from a building site to a clean, usable place!

The main purpose of the internal clean is to make the whole place look perfect so it is ready for the customer to see. It really does change your view of the place.

This was quite a tough job because of the amount of work that had previously taken place.

Internal cleaning involves everything inside so cleaning the offices, windows, stairways, toilets, kitchens and everything in between!

We used a wide range of cleaning products and a lot of hours to get this place up to scratch. We were so happy with the end result as were the customer.

Check out some photos of the final results below and make sure to look out for our next projects.