Refurbishment Clean – Jewellers



Kronometry 1999 is a jewellery shop in the heart of London. They were having a full refurbishment on the shop so they needed a deep refurbishment clean to get the shop sparking for the re-opening.

The cleaning is done over two phases on this site. First we carry out a full build clean. On a build clean we sweep/vacuum, clean all surfaces, remove any excess paint from tiles, sockets, frames and also remove any protective film/stickers. This customer requires the whole place to be thoroughly vacuumed, especially round all of the edges, ready to be siliconed.

The second phase is the sparkle clean. Once the shops have been fully completed and signed off, we carry out the sparkle. This is our time to make sure everything is perfect for the customer.

We also do a full interior and exterior window clean. Refurbishment clean

The WCS team were down in London for a couple of days making sure it wasn’t just the diamonds sparkling.

Check out some photos below..