Little Ripley Day Nursery – Sutton Coldfield – September 2019

In September, we carried out a build clean and also a sparkle clean on a nursery in Sutton Coldfield.

Little Ripley’s have 13 nursery locations but this was their first brand new building! The construction company who built it are one of our regular customers.

It is a very large nursery. It consists of six large nursery rooms for a range of ages, each with direct access to outdoor areas. There were also kitchens, toilets, stairwells and passageways.

As this was a new building, there was a lot of work for us to do. We made a few visits with a team of our best cleaners, beginning with build cleans and then returning for sparkle cleans. We had to remove protective filming from all the brand new appliances, cupboards and windows. There was a lot of dust, everywhere, so a lot of vacuuming took place! Most things were also covered in paint so we had to carefully remove it making sure not to damage anything.

This was a great job to be on as there was such a difference when we had finished. We worked really hard to get some amazing results and the customer was over the moon.

Check out the before and after photos below..