New JLR Premises – Northampton

The new development for JLR in Northampton has been a project we have been working on alongside MCS for a good few months. In order for the development to remain clean whilst works were continuing to be carried, we had a team of cleaners on-site daily. The final stages were to ensure a sparkle of the whole 69,000 sq feet dealership.

All exterior cladding, windows and doors needed washing down so we used a pressure washer to carry this out. It’s an easier way to clean high exterior areas like this as you are able to work from the ground which makes it much safer for those involved.  The floors were cleaned by using a walk behind scrubber dryer machine. This type of machine is perfect for a job like this where you have a large area of floor to go round but is too much to sweep and mop. The results are much better too!

This particular job was carried out over a number of visits over several months, focusing on one area each time. The customer was very happy with the results and we hope Northampton enjoy their new JLR Dealership…..